Tokyo Hikarigaoka International Pre-school is intended for children who are enthusiastic about learning English. Our school cordially invites you to let your children experience our courses, which are designed for cultural awareness in order to learn and explore different cultures. We established this school to teach children the importance of equality,interdependece, and engagemtent with people from all over the world. Moreover our goal is to foster children's capability of developing their own skills and to be endowed with great personality.

Yours Sincerely,
Tokyo Hikarigaoka International Pre-school

Tokyo Hikarigaoka International Pre-school is a school where children enjoy playing and discover that learning is fun. They develop themselves socially, physically,emotionally through our prepared programs.The children are divided into 4 classes, Cherry, Apple, Melon and Grape. English is the main language in our school. We strongly believe that children learn through playing, and are also very glad to help our children develop their skills.
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